About 3Phase

Our Commitment To The Highest Standards

We are a local, Veteran owned, experienced, union elevator company, always available to discuss projects, service work, and concerns with our clients.

Our Mission is as simple as our promise, we will deliver the very best in service, safety and satisfaction on all lift systems.

The principals of our firm have over 75 years combined experience in the vertical transportation industry. Our technicians are experts in their industry, with thorough engineering experience in passenger and freight elevators - electric and hydraulic, as well as escalator systems.

We understand all the current mechanical components and sophisticated electronics, from microprocessor controllers & microprocessor boards, to car frames, governors, braking systems, motors, drives and more. With our team, no matter the project, chances are, we’ve delivered similar successful service.

“Right in the middle of the biggest Saturday sale and the escalator broke. 3Phase had two guys here and back up within an hour. They're quick and quiet.”
Betsy Shopster - Mallville

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About 3Phase