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Most of us take elevators and escalators for granted until they malfunction. Then they become a major problem; and an inconvenience for you and your clients. What’s more, without them, your clients can mount financial losses when your vertical systems are down.

We strive to provide the most unique maintenance consistency programs, not systematically arriving just because the calendar says so. As a building owner or corporate facilities manager, unreliable and unpredictable technology is the last thing you need, in one of the most significant investments in your building.

With our expertise and valued service, there’s a proficient means to diverge the headaches that can happen. 3Phase Elevator has the experience with servicing the latest technology lift systems. From microprocessor controllers and boards, to car frames, governors, braking systems, motors and drives - we have the team to handle all your servicing. Whether you’re in need of repair, adjustments, replacements, or meeting code, you can rely on our team to minimize downtime and keep your equipment running to its maximum value.

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“Right in the middle of the biggest Saturday sale and the escalator broke. 3Phase had two guys here and back up within an hour. They're quick and quiet.”
Betsy Shopster - Mallville

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